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At The Bristol Roofers, our team is extensively trained and holds prestigious certifications, highlighting our dedication to delivering top-notch roofing solutions in Bristol. We take pride in surpassing expectations with our exceptional service, showcasing our commitment to professionalism in every roofing project we handle.


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At The Bristol Roofers, our expert roofers are prepared to address all your roofing requirements. Our teams arrive fully equipped with all the necessary tools for any roofing service or emergency situation you may face. With a minimum of 3 years of experience, our local specialists are equipped to handle any task and are committed to providing top-notch service. Count on us to ensure your roof receives top-quality repairs and installations, guaranteeing its longevity and durability.

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At The Bristol Roofers, our skilled team is fully insured and committed to delivering exceptional roofing services during regular business hours. With industry-leading guarantees and a strong commitment to transparency, we assure your complete satisfaction and peace of mind.

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Flat Roofing Bristol – The Bristol Roofers: Affordable, Reliable Flat Roof Installation & Repair

At The Bristol Roofers, we are the go-to experts for all your flat roofing needs in Bristol and the surrounding areas. As a proud, locally-based company with over 50 years of experience, we take great care in providing outstanding flat roof installation and repair services for both residential and commercial properties. No job is too big or small for our expert roofers.


Why Choose a Flat Roof in Bristol?

Flat roofs offer several compelling advantages that make them a popular choice:

  1. Aesthetic Appeal: Flat roofs lend a sleek, modern look to extensions, garages, and larger structures like airports and supermarkets. They maximize interior space compared to pitched roofs, allowing you to make the most of your building’s dimensions.
  2. Cost-Effective: Installing new flat roofs typically requires fewer materials, making them more affordable than pitched roofs. Shorter installation times also contribute to cost savings, with smaller buildings often completed in just a couple of days.
  3. Low Maintenance: Flat roofs are generally easier to inspect and repair than their pitched counterparts, saving you time and money in the long run.

Our Flat Roofing Services in Bristol

At The Bristol Roofers, we offer comprehensive, flat roofing solutions tailored to your specific needs:

New Flat Roof Installation: If your current flat roof is over 25 years old or has suffered extensive damage, a replacement may be in order. Our team installs high-standard flat roofs made from the highest quality materials that provide year-round insulation and protection against all weather conditions. We offer various flat roofing options, including:

  • Torch-On Fel: A cost-effective choice consisting of two or three layers of bitumen sheet applied with a gas torch. Its malleability and multi-layering make it resistant to foot traffic and weathering, standing up well over time.
  • GRP/Fibreglass: An incredibly versatile option that works well on roofs of non-standard shapes and sizes. Lightweight yet strong, it’s excellent for both domestic and commercial buildings that need to withstand regular footfall.

We provide up to a 25-year guarantee on our flat roofing systems for your peace of mind, ensuring a long-lasting solution.

Flat Roof Repairs: Our experienced team of flat roofers in Bristol can quickly identify and fix common flat roofing repairs to prevent further damage and protect your property. These problems include:

  • Ponding Water: Flat roofs are prone to water pooling, which can wear down the membrane and lead to leaks over time if left unaddressed for more than 48 hours. Proper drainage is essential to prevent these issues, including flat roofing leaks.
  • Blistering: Trapped pockets of air or moisture beneath or between membrane layers can expand in the sun, stretching the material and compromising its integrity.
  • Alligatoring: Exposure to water, debris, and sunlight can cause the surface bitumen to crack in a pattern resembling alligator hide, allowing moisture to seep in and cause further damage.
  • Membrane Buckling: As buildings settle over time, the single-sheet membrane may buckle, creating weak spots that are susceptible to leaks.
  • Thermal Movement: Temperature fluctuations can cause the roofing material and flashing to expand and contract, potentially leading to weakness and leaks if not properly addressed.

Proactive repairs can save you money in the long run by preventing minor issues from escalating into major problems. Our team is always ready to help you keep your flat roof in top condition.

Preventing Flat Roof Problems

To minimize the risk of leaks and provide your flat roof with a longer lifespan, consider the following preventative measures:

  • Applying a protective coating to prevent rain penetration and provide an extra layer of defense against the elements
  • Ensuring proper drainage through adequate roof fall and a well-designed system that directs water away from the building
  • Scheduling regular inspections and maintenance with our professional team to catch potential issues early on

Why Choose Us for Flat Roofing in Bristol?

When you entrust your flat roofing service to The Bristol Roofers, you benefit from:

  • 15+ years of experience serving Bristol and the surrounding areas, giving us unparalleled expertise in the field
  • Affordable pricing without compromising on quality, so you can get the best value for your investment
  • Highly trained roofer in specialized systems like the Built GRP Fibreglass Roofing System, ensuring top-notch workmanship
  • Full method statements, risk assessments, and COSHH for every project, prioritizing safety and transparency
  • ₤5 million in Public Liability insurance for your protection and peace of mind
  • Discover eco-friendly roofing options and carbon offset initiatives for a greener future, with limited environmental impact solutions to help you reduce your carbon footprint.

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Don’t let flat roofing issues put your property and well-being at risk. Contact The Bristol Roofers today at 740 275 5335 for a free quotation on flat roof installation or repair in Bristol. Our friendly team is ready to discuss your project, answer any questions you may have, and help you achieve a successful outcome. Trust us to provide the highest quality flat roofing solutions you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions about Flat Roofing in Bristol

Typically, the life expectancy of a flat roof ranges from 15 to 25 years or more, depending on the materials used and the quality of installation.

To replace your flat roof in Bristol, simply contact The Bristol Roofers for a free quotation. Our experienced team will assess your roof and recommend the best solution for your needs, ensuring a high-quality installation.

Signs that your flat roofing may need repair or replacement include persistent leaks or water stains on the ceiling, cracks, blisters, or alligatoring on the roof surface, ponding water that doesn’t drain within multiple hours, and sagging or uneven areas on the roof. If you notice any of these signs, contact The Bristol Roofers for a professional assessment.